Aegon Income Protection

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More About Aegon

With over 3.5 million UK customers, Aegon was founded as Scottish Equitable in 1831.  Its headquarters is still in Edinburgh. However, Dutch insurer Aegon NV bought a 40% stake in the business in 1994 and became a 100% stakeholder in 1998. Aegon is a worldwide provider of protection products, pensions and asset management and it operates in 25 countries.

Aegon Protection Insurance: A Step By Step Guide

Sometimes, life can throw a curve ball, and Aegon offers a flexible range of products to take this into account. To reflect this, you’ll be able to amend your cover with them to support any changes in your circumstances or lifestyle.

Aegon uses the “own occupation” definition of incapacity. With Aegon, the monthly payment on an Income Protection policy will never drop below £1,500 per month. Or the amount of cover in the plan. Also Aegon Income Protection Insurance, subject to residency requirements, your cover will always include a waiver of the premium period.

Monthly Benefit & More

With many Income Protection Providers, they will provide small differences to benefit the policy holder. At Protect Income Insurance, our expert advisors will explain all of the slight differences.

Aegon Policy Benefits

Proportionate benefit. If upon your return to work you can only return to a less challenging role (and a lower income), Aegon will top up your income to the full amount of benefit.

Rehabilitation benefit. Aegon could, subject to certain conditions top up your earnings should you only be able to return to work on a part-time basis.

State benefits. If you claim and receive state benefits, Aegon will take these into account. Normally, they will deduct this amount from your monthly Income Protection payment in order to ensure that you don’t receive more than the monthly amount they allow with a claim.

Further Points About Aegon

You can start your income protection cover from 18 years old. This is the standard age for insurance products, but a few insurers cover young people from the age of 16.

They has an insurance benefit cap of £150,000 per year. You will not receive more than this amount. Some insurers, offer larger benefits for high wage earners. Our team will help you if you need a higher annual cap.

Income protection insurance from Aegon offers a guaranteed benefit. This means that payments will never be less than £1,500 per month or the cover that’s on your plan.

They have a maximum 55% of gross income pre-incapacity earnings pay out. This is lower than some of our providers, our expert advisors at Protect Income Insurance can help if you need higher cover.

They also offer long-term benefit, which means that the pay-out will continue until cease age if you claim, unless you die or cancel the insurance.

What Else Can I Get?

Health Assured.  Aegon offers a health and wellbeing service.  This provides you and your family with unbiased, impartial support on a comprehensive range of challenges and issues, whenever you need it during the life of the policy.

Can Protect Income Insurance Help?

The Short answer is, yes.

As with all insurance products, some providers may be more suitable for your needs than others.  Income protection is designed to keep you and your family financially afloat should illness strike, or in the case of an accident or death.

Rather than spending your time researching what you think is the best income protection policy, but which may turn out not to be, come to us. Let Protect Income Insurance do the hard work for you.