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More About Aviva Income Protection

With its enviable position as the world’s sixth largest insurer worldwide, Aviva has over 31 million customers in 28 countries. Aviva, in its current form, came into being in 2000 (launching in 2002) as the result of a merger between Norwich Union and CGU plc.

Aviva is the largest UK insurance group and leads the market in general insurance, life and pensions.

Protection from Aviva: A Step By Step Guide

Aviva income protection insurance offer a wide range of policies. However, they only pay out 55% of earnings, as opposed to as much as 70% with other insurers. Go through the details below to see if Aviva income protection insurance will suit you and what you may need.

Aviva offers “own occupation” cover. With reduced benefits being awarded if you return to work but in a different occupation. These pay outs will continue until you are recovered enough to go back to your previous occupation.

Aviva’s Monthly Benefit And More

As well as receiving a monthly payment to cover your outgoings. Aviva has a range of additional products which can be added to your policy.

Support Plus: access to BUPA Healthline, Best Doctors, physiotherapy and counselling/carer support.

Fracture Cover: for an optional additional £4 per month, your policy will pay a £6,000 lump sum if you suffer from a specified fracture.

Family Carer Benefit: If you have to stop working to care for your spouse or your child (assuming that they are unable to perform normal daily activities), Aviva will pay the lower of £1,500 or the monthly benefit.

Trauma Benefit: If you suffer from one of the six policy-listed traumatic events, including blindness or the loss of a limb, you will receive a pay out of up to six times the monthly benefit (up to £40,000).

Incapacity Benefit: If, at the end of claiming for incapacity, you have to claim again for the same condition, your pay outs will start right away without a deferred period. If your incapacity ends partway through the month, it will be paid.

Aviva Income Protection Insurance Useful add-ons

Aviva’s “Support Plus” packages will significantly improve your situation with regard to sickness or injury.

More importantly, you and your family can access these free services during the lifetime of your policy. These include a second opinion service from Best Doctors, a medical helpline supplied by BUPA, and counselling and carer support services from Workplace Options. Additionally, you may access physiotherapy provided by IPRS Health.

Aviva Income Protection will pay a Hospital Benefit at £100 per night, for up to 90 consecutive nights. However you will need to stay in hospital for more than a week.

Aviva offers a Life Change Benefit

Aviva Income Protection is flexible with regard to life changes and the resulting likely changes to your policy. You can increase your benefit by as much as 20% with an additional £100 per month and you won’t have to answer another medical questionnaire.

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