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At Protect Income Insurance we compare all the providers of income protection plans from LV and many others. Getting covered is simple with our quote, compare and cover service. We compare Liverpool Victoria and 100’s of the main UK income protection insurance companies for you saving you time and money. Just choose the right income protection cover provider for you. From the results displayed after you fill in the quick form. Get instant cover protection straight away.

Income Protection Made Easy

It’s simple with no obligation to take out income protection insurance. Fill in the quick 30 second form and we do all the work for you.

With quotes from all of the major UK companies you can be sure to find the perfect cover. Our service is free to make it as easy as possible for you. Get covered instantly for income protection insurance. Simply fill in the quick quote form now to get Liverpool Victoria protection for your income.

More About Liverpool Victoria

Liverpool Victoria has over 5.8 million customers, over 1 million of whom are members. LV, as they are known is the number one provider of income protection insurance and a large provider in the financial services sector in general.

Founded in 1843, LV offers a range of insurance products to meet the changing needs of its customers. Their extensive policies range from entry-level low-cost to higher value cover. Their standard policy offers highly flexible cover.

LV Income Protection: Step By Step Guide

LV offers income protection cover that will provide a regular monthly income should you be unable to work due illness or an accident.

They offer a flexible range of policy options to suit almost all occupations and lifestyles. Liverpool Victoria also incorporate the ups, downs and life changes that happen to everyone. Including getting married, having children or changing jobs. With Liverpool Victoria you are able to amend your policy quickly and easily.

Liverpool Victoria offers own occupation cover to all its policy holders. This is the most adaptable type of cover definition, enabling you to claim should your illness or injury stop you from carrying out your specific occupation, rather than any occupation.

LV Benefits And More

With all Income Protection Insurance policies. LV have many available options, listed below is just a few of the common ones:

Death benefit: Liverpool Victoria will pay out a lump sum of up to £10,000 if you die during the lifetime of your policy.

Fracture cover: As well as your monthly benefit, your cover with LV also includes fracture cover. This benefit pays out a lump sum of up to £2,200 and you don’t even have to make a claim.

Return to Work Benefit: LV offers a monthly payment benefit that tops up your income should you return to work on a part-time basis, whilst you recover. For example, you could take on a different job on a reduced salary or carry out your own occupation part-time.

Unemployment Payment Holiday: Should you be made redundant and become unemployed. Liverpool Victoria allows you to keep your insurance cover and you will not need to make your premium payments. This cover will last for up to six months.

LV Doctor Services: As a member of Liverpool Victoria, you can take advantage of their Doctor Services, either by telephone or via an App. You don’t need to make a claim to use this service, you can use them for yourself or for your children up to the age of 16.

These benefits could include access to GP services and contact with doctors for a second opinion, as well as private prescriptions.

Deferred policy: The shortest deferred period offered by Liverpool Victoria is 1 month.

More Details About LV Income Protection

You can start your income protection cover with Liverpool Victoria from 17 years old. This is slightly younger than the standard age of 18.

It’s worth re-iterating LV’s own occupation definition of incapacity. This means you’ll be able to make a claim under the classification of not being able to carry out your own occupation, rather than any other role.

You are also able to claim if you live or work abroad. However, Liverpool Victoria stipulates a specific list of countries. Our specialist team at Protect Income Insurance can advise further if you’d like to find out more. If you’re not in these particular countries, LV will allow you to claim for up to 26 weeks, unless you return to one of the specified countries.

Are you a teacher or a medical professional? Liverpool Victoria offers a flexible own occupation policy to include increased benefits, sick pay mirroring and adjusted definitions of incapacity.

Can Protect Income Insurance Help?

The very quick answer is yes. We will help you get the best protection possible.

Income protection is designed to keep you and your family safe. Financially afloat should illness strike, or in the case of an accident or death. At Protect Income Insurance we think it’s an essential type of insurance rather than a nice-to-have and is well worth considering if you are of working age.  Especially, if you have people depending on you to pay the mortgage and the bills.