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Protecting Your Income

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More About Vitality

Vitality was founded in 2007. As a new provider in the market. It brought together Discovery (from South Africa) and Prudential under the name of PruProtect. Having re-branded in 2014 as Vitality. The focus of Vitality is different to any other income protection provider. It focuses on the well being rather than cure concept. Offering well being and healthy living programmes for its customers.

Vitality income protection offers discounts on premiums and rewards to those who engage in its fitness and health schemes. They provide bonuses for healthy living. Because they are a newer provider, Vitality have embraced new products and easy to understand products which are jargon-free.

Protection from Vitality: A Step By Step Guide

Vitality does offer strong points of difference in the marketplace. However its income protection insurance cover is relatively standard. It provides a wide range of related benefits which could help you live longer and in better health. But it will need your perseverance to a healthier lifestyle.

Vitality offers an own occupation definition of capacity. This means that should you need to claim. You will be able to receive benefits to replace the income from your particular way of earning a living. Rather than being obliged to find another or a different job.

At Vitality they operate full medical underwriting. You will need to disclose all medical information to them as part of your application. However, you will know what you’re covered for, as well as what’s not included.

Vitality Policy Types

The main concept to Vitality is its Vitality Plus Programme. Effectively you receive cheaper premiums and other rewards with engagement in this programme.

There are three main options:

Vitality Plus. For an additional £5, you can earn points through healthy living, exercise and yearly reviews. There are discounts on gym membership and fitness gear. You will benefit from discounts on your insurance premiums.

Your premiums will remain constant if you do not engage with the programme.

Vitality Plus is always included in whichever programme you choose.

Vitality Optimiser. For £3.80 you will receive an upfront discount on your “optimised” insurance policy and lower premiums. You can also earn points through exercise programmes. If you collect enough points you will earn “platinum” status.

Premiums will increase if you do not engage with this programme.

Vitality Wellness Optimiser. For £3.80, the above applies. But you also earn wellness points if you maintain healthy BMI, blood pressure and blood glucose levels.  You will gain further rewards and reduce your premiums.

Monthly Benefit & More

With Vitality, you will be offered the chance to fix 100% of your monthly benefit. This will be very useful if your income goes down during the term of your policy. However, you will need to provide proof of your income when you apply for the policy.

Back to Work benefit, which tops up your income if you can’t work full time when you return to work.  This only applies to the first and second months, however.

The maximum benefit you will receive is £16,666 per month which makes this cover suitable for higher earners.

Recovery Benefit, giving you access to services to help get you back to full health. These include therapies and nursing support which they will pay direct to the service provider.

Need Help From Protect Income Insurance?

If you are of working age and you support your family financially, the quick answer is YES. At Protect Income Insurance we would definitely advise that you speak to our specialist team about income protection.

Should illness strike or you suffer an injury, it’s unlikely that you will be able to work.  Would you have enough savings to continue paying the mortgage and to cover your bills?

Life is very expensive, but income protection insurance does not have to be. By speaking with our qualified team, we will help you to find the most suitable insurance policy for you and your family.

At Protect Income Insurance, we are here to support you every step of the way.  We can help you to get you and your family protected. Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect income protection insurance.  Let us do it for you.